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Teeth Luxation Extracting Elevator Curved 3mm Surgical Tool

  • Precise access for curved roots: The curved design allows the elevator to reach and maneuver around the natural curve of some tooth roots, particularly helpful for molars and premolars.
  • Reduced risk of root fracture: By conforming to the root shape, the curved elevator applies pressure more evenly, minimizing the chance of the tooth snapping during extraction.
  • Efficient loosening of tight teeth: The 3mm width of the blade is ideal for fitting into tight spaces between the tooth and jawbone, effectively severing the periodontal ligament that holds the tooth in place.
  • Potentially less bone removal: By creating space around the tooth root, the elevator can sometimes help with extraction without needing to remove significant bone tissue.
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Teeth Luxation Extracting Elevator Curved 3mm Surgical Tool is crafted from high-quality surgical stainless steel, ensuring durability and sterility. It features a curved, thin 3mm tip specifically designed to fit into the periodontal ligament space for efficient tooth elevation. The handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable grip and precise control during surgical procedures. This instrument is commonly used in dental extractions, particularly for teeth that are firmly anchored in their sockets.

  • Tooth Extraction: Primarily used for the elevation and extraction of teeth, particularly those with extensive root structures or firm attachment to the surrounding bone.
  • Luxation: Facilitates controlled luxation of the tooth from its socket, minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissues.
  • Periodontal Procedures: Can be employed in periodontal surgeries for accessing and manipulating tissues around the tooth.
Key Features:
  • Curved 3mm Tip: Allows access to the periodontal ligament space for effective elevation.
  • Surgical Stainless Steel Construction: Ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and sterilizability.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Provides comfortable grip and precise control during surgical procedures.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various dental extractions and periodontal procedures.
  • Precision: Facilitates controlled and precise tooth elevation, minimizing trauma to adjacent tissues.
  1. Is this tool suitable for all types of tooth extractions?
    While it’s versatile and can be used for various extractions, it’s particularly effective for teeth with extensive root structures or firm attachment.
  2. Can this tool be sterilized for reuse?
    Yes, it’s made from surgical stainless steel, allowing for sterilization through autoclaving or chemical methods.
  3. Is it difficult to control during use?
  4. The ergonomic handle design ensures comfortable grip and precise control, making it easy for experienced practitioners to use effectively.
  5. Does it come in different sizes?
    This particular model features a 3mm curved tip, but variations in size and curvature may be available depending on the manufacturer.
  6. Is it suitable for use in pediatric dentistry?
    While it can be used in pediatric cases, caution and expertise are required due to the delicate nature of pediatric teeth and tissues.
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