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Surgical Root Luxating Elevators Gold Tips

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OROAX® Surgical Root Luxating Elevators


OROAX® Surgical Root Luxating Elevators  a revolutionary dental instrument meticulously crafted for the art of surgical tooth extractions. This sophisticated tool, when paired with its counterpart elevators, has been meticulously engineered for precision, designed to effortlessly loosen and extract roots on the right side of the oral cavity. The amalgamation of straight and angled points, ergonomic grip, and unparalleled craftsmanship makes this dental elevator a nonpareil choice for dental professionals.

Elevating Precision: Surgical Tooth Extractions

The OROAX® Surgical Root Luxating Elevators are not merely instruments; they are the essence of finesse in surgical tooth extractions. Their ingenious design allows for meticulous manipulation, gently embracing the tooth within the osseous alveolus, and gracefully expanding the alveolus walls. This orchestration of design ensures masterful control, redefining clinical outcomes and ensuring excellence in every extraction.

Paving the Way: Gingival Sulcus Preparation

Behold a dental marvel – the OROAX® Root Removing Dental Elevator, an instrument that choreographs the symphony of gingival sulcus preparation. By elegantly priming the gingival tissue, it unveils a clear passage to the tooth, setting the stage for a seamless extraction performance. Enhanced visibility, effortless maneuverability – it’s a prelude to success.

Unveiling Precision: Straight and Angled Points

Experience the duality of precision with the OROAX® Root Removing Dental Elevator, a harmonious blend of straight and angled points. The straight point, a virtuoso in accessing and manipulating roots, while its angled counterpart orchestrates finesse in the remotest of crevices. This harmonization empowers dental professionals with an arsenal tailored to diverse cases, amplifying their efficacy and magnifying success.

Embracing Comfort: Ergonomic Grip Redefined

Featuring an ergonomic grip sculpted for clinician’s delight, the dental elevator curates a symphony of comfort and control. Its form melds seamlessly with the hand, an ode to precision that alleviates fatigue during extended procedures. A secure grip that embodies confidence, as clinicians dance through extractions with grace and accuracy.

The Art of Excellence: Engineered to Perfection

The OROAX® Root Removing Dental Elevator isn’t just a tool; it’s an opus of excellence meticulously composed for clinical triumph. Every facet of its design is a note in harmony, poised to elevate surgical procedures to the pinnacle of achievement. From the symphony of straight and angled points to the ergonomic crescendo of its grip – it’s a composition that resonates success.

Beyond Boundaries: Autoclavable & Everlasting

The OROAX® Root Removing Dental Elevator embraces the future with open arms, emerging unscathed from the crucible of autoclaving. It’s a testament to resilience, resisting oxidation and rust with unwavering resolve. A paragon of sustainability, a friend of your pocket – this instrument doesn’t just serve, it endures.

Assurance of Satisfaction: 30 Days Free Returns / Replacements

We pen a promise of contentment – a 30-day canvas of freedom for returns and replacements. The OROAX® Root Removing Dental Elevator isn’t just an instrument; it’s a commitment etched in your satisfaction. If perchance the symphony doesn’t resonate, rest assured, we shall fine-tune it to perfection.

A Symphony of Excellence: Effective Tooth Extraction Procedure

Once more, let the crescendo resound – the OROAX® Root Removing Dental Elevator, the crescendo of finesse in surgical tooth extractions. The dance of design, the rhythm of control – it’s a symphony that orchestrates optimal clinical outcomes. It’s not just an instrument; it’s the virtuoso’s wand that conducts excellence.


In the realm of dental finesse, one name stands head and shoulders above the rest – OROAX® Root Removing Dental Elevator. With its harmonious choreography of design, the instrument transforms extractions into a ballet of precision. Let every tooth extraction be a masterpiece, sculpted by the hands that wield the OROAX® magic. Embrace precision, embrace excellence – embrace OROAX®.

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